5-6 May 2022: Marriage: Entanglements and Detachments Workshop in Bayreuth

Janet Carsten, Eirini Papadaki, Koreen Reece, and Siobhan Magee presented papers along with University of Bayreuth scholars Tabea Haberlein, Fulera Issaka-Toure, and Najoum Alhassane, and the University of Hamburg’s Julia Pauli. Discussants for the papers were Susan Reynolds-Whyte, Ammara Maqsood, Susan McKinnon, Asha Abeyesekera, Perveez Mody, and Erdmute Alber.

On the Thursday evening, there was a book launch and roundtable event based around AGATM’s edited book (UCL Press, 2021). 

This was a joint event between AGATM based at University of Edinburgh and University of Bayreuth, Deparment of Anthropology.